Honda Gas Pressure Washer Delivers High Performance Cleaning

Reliability, efficiency and durability are the qualities you can count on with a pressure washer powered by a Honda engine. In this case we’re talking about the most popular residential Honda gas pressure washer today – the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125. It’s fully-equipped with 5 quick-connect nozzle tips, 25-foot hose, comfortable to hold spray gun and a powerful, built-in pump. But what undoubtedly drives the popularity of this runaway bestselling tool is that it’s a complete pressure washer with Honda engine.

Powerful and Effective

This one kicks out 2.5 gallons per minute and can generate up to 3200 PSI – which is more than enough to tackle virtually any cleaning situation. Not surprisingly, this Honda power washer scores a solid 4.5 out of 5 possible stars from nearly 5500 actual customer reviews. That’s astounding, particularly the sheer volume of positive customer ratings. Especially when you consider that it is estimated that only 1 in 10 buyers actually leaves any kind of rating. And when a product attains such consistently high marks, it’s a surefire indication of a quality, well made (and well-received) product. 

Featured as part of the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 Mega Shot Gas-Powered Pressure Washer is the Honda GC 190 premium residential engine that’s powers it. Honda has long been a well-respected name – not just for its automobile engines – but for its small engines too. Once you’ve had the pleasure of owning a lawnmower or pressure washer with a Honda engine – nothing else in the same category can compare. It fires up the first time and then it continues to deliver hassle-free service for years.

All You Need In A Pressure Washer

According to the manufacturer, every power washer they make is fully tested before it is shipped. So while it may be technically possible that you get a lemon – the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of you being as satisfied with your purchase as the vast majority of early buyers have been. Plus, you can rest assured that you are fully protected by the warranty that spans 5 years on the frame, 2 years on the engine and 1 year on the pump.

Simpson Cleaning’s MSH3125 Mega Shot is the top choice among Honda pressure washers. It comes with five different nozzle tips at various angles from 0 up to 40°. While this is seemingly perfect for a wide range of specific applications, you may find yourself relying mostly on one nozzle – like the 15° tip that I use almost exclusively. For me anyway, it seems to provide the perfect angle and pressure for virtually any clean-up job. 

And speaking of specific cleaning jobs or applications, a Honda power washer like this is ideal to use on driveways, decks, patios and siding. It works great for cleaning eaves troughs and it also does a splendid job with paint prep on the outside of homes, garages and other buildings. I doubt you’ll get better results with anything else when cleaning your car. And when used on heavily-soiled large vehicles – like trucks, trailers, or RVs – the results speak for themselves. In fact, its multiple uses and overall versatility make the Mega Shot a value-laden acquisition for any home, farm, business, or vehicle owner – or anyone who is in the business of offering cleaning services to these folks.

A Solid Yet Mobile Solution Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds 

This Honda gas pressure washer from Simpson Cleaning is lightweight enough and well-engineered to be easily maneuvered. Overall dimensions measure 26 inches x 18 inches x 35 inches – so it’s compact enough to be handled with ease. At the same time – it’s enough of a heavy duty machine to be fitted with large, 10 inch pneumatic tires. 

This might not mean much to you until you try lugging a pressure washer around all day. That’s when you’ll really appreciate those tires. With this unit from Simpson Cleaning – you can take it on any surface – from rough gravel to uneven grass – without difficulty. That’s something you simply cannot do with one of those washers that only has hard plastic wheels. In fact, there’s just no comparison.

Excellent For Property Owners, Shop Use and For Contractors Too

This popular power washer was designed as a quality piece of equipment ideally suited for homeowners. But it’s also a solid choice for farm and shop use too – as well as for contractors who offer a wide range of cleaning services. Whatever your cleaning needs – now or in the future – this Honda power washer is a good option. 

For the do-it-yourselfer who wants one tool that can clean outdoor furniture, house siding, stone walkways, decks, patios, or even prep the exterior of their home for painting – you’re NOT likely to find anything else this effective and reliable. But it’s not for someone who is looking for a one-time fix – or is on a tight budget. There are cheaper options out there. But we suggest that you don’t count on getting anywhere close to the performance you’ll get from a Simpson Cleaning/Honda gas pressure washer like this.

Everything You Need In One

If you’ve ever used a cheap pressure washer before (especially the electric variety), you may have noticed that it didn’t clean as thoroughly as you expected. And chances are it was a beast to move from spot to spot – or to put away in a storage area when you were finished. You might be able to get away with a smaller, less noticeable job of cleaning the patio or siding on the shed that’s out back and mostly out of site. But if you attempt to take on a larger job – like providing a thorough cleaning (prior to painting) to the exterior of your home or a collection of buildings on the farm – you need a much more substantial – a much more capable pressure washer.

To do the job the right way requires the right tools. And the Mega Shot Power Washer powered with a Honda gas engine is one the best cleaning tools you could own. It’s one of the better pressure washers we’ve come across in our search – at any price point.

This one is a quality power washer to have for small jobs. But it’s also the kind of pressure washer you need to tackle larger jobs like making your entire property shine before guest arrive – or before putting it up on the market. 

You won’t want to use one of those inferior electric power washers because they simply don’t have the PSI necessary. What’s needed to remove a heavy buildup and dust, dirt and grime (the stuff that gives the elements of your property a worn-out and weathered appearance is a pressure washer that delivers a consistent 3000+ PSI – just like this one does.

Value For Your Money

This Honda pressure washer is well-designed to deliver power and functionality. It’s got a metal frame that completely surrounds the Honda engine and the pump housing – protecting both components from accidental damage. It’s also built with a brass pump head, which tends to hold up much better than the aluminum pump heads often seen on competing models. Clearly, this one is designed to last for years. You really can’t compare a quality Honda gas pressure washer to an electric model. If you want something you can turn to again and again – it makes a lot of sense to go with a gas powered device.

It seems to work best when you pull it along – rather than push it. Simply walk beside the unit and pull it by the handle with one hand. You’ll find that it’s easy for anyone to move around – even over bumpy areas. Those 10 inch inflatable tires make it easier take move over any terrain.

– Easy to set up and use (it comes mostly assembled)
– Starts quickly – usually with just one or two pulls on the cord
– Has loads of power for any serious washing job
– Comes with a Honda engine that’s built to last
– Made from heavy gauge metal that will withstand plenty of use  – Can easily move this unit over uneven stepping stones, dirt passageways and gravel driveways
– Compatible with a wide variety of additional accessories
– Sturdy, reliable and powerful (It’s almost industrial strength – without the high price)
– Offers solid value (great tool for the price)
– Small, compact and portable
– Short handle makes it easier to store after use
– Strong, rugged wheels
– Quieter (as far as pressure washers go) and smoother running then some other models
– Impressive fuel efficiency

Cons  – It can vibrate and move across a flat sidewalk when not secured in place
– Vibrates quite a bit due to the powerful engine
– Can be too loud for some
– The supplied handle could be a little bit longer to make it more comfortable and convenient
– Hose can get tangled
– No built-in soap tank
– The quick connect nozzle heads you’re not using can vibrate out of place when stored on the frame of the power washer
– Pull start could be better positioned to make it a little less awkward and more convenient to access

The Verdict

There are numerous pressure washers on the market these days. But if getting good value for your money is important to you – a Honda gas pressure washer like this one makes a lot of sense. It’s an excellent tool to use on wood decking, painted steel, stained or painted wood fences and siding, stone walkways, steel siding, vinyl window trim and concrete. For a powerful and reliable pressure washer you can turn to time and time again – this one is tough to beat.

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