Greenworks Pressure Washer – Portable, Powerful and Budget-Friendly

If you are looking for a capable overall pressure washer to use around your home, the Greenworks pressure washer GPW2200 makes an excellent choice. It offers a 2.3 gallon per minute output and 2200 PSI – which is quite good for an electric pressure washer. For industrial strength cleaning, you may want to go with a gas powered unit. But for 99.9% of do-it-yourself projects – this Greenworks electric pressure washer is a homeowner’s best friend.

Judging by the feedback provided by previous buyers, this pressure washer is well worth acquiring. With nearly 200 customers reporting, Greenworks rates a solid 4.4 out of 5 possible stars. That’s not an easy accomplishment in a marketplace where people are far more likely to voice an opinion when they’re unhappy than they are when satisfied by a purchase. 

Portable and Convenient

It’s a rock-solid pressure washer – built with a rugged metal frame that doesn’t tip over, like some of the lesser brands of pressure washers. 8 inch wheels allow for easy portability – even on an uneven backyard. The 14 amp brushless motor offers more power and a longer life. The fact that it’s a relatively quiet motor is a bonus. Despite its strength, this capable machine is fairly compact measuring 36.42 inches long by 20.67 inches wide by 20.3 inches high.

Greenworks’ ships their pressure washers with a 25 foot water hose, plus a metal, quick connect wand measuring 16 inches in length. Combined with the 9 inch trigger – that’s a total stick length of about 25 inches for this durable and functional component. Sure, the wand works well – but the hose could be longer. It also comes with a 35 foot power cord, though you could also add an extension cord if necessary. We found this longer cord came in handy on several occasions.

What’s really useful is that you also get one 15°, 25° and a 40° nozzle – plus a dedicated soap and turbo nozzle too. With a built-in detergent tank, the GPW2200 conveniently stores soap – so it’s always there for you without having to reload every time you use it. I’ve found this to be an added convenience when washing down vehicles in the driveway.  

Lots of Uses Around The Home

The Greenworks pressure washer is an ideal solution for all medium duty applications such as washing cars, trucks, decks, windows, vinyl siding and porches. Of course you can use it for just about anything – like driveways and patios – and it does a decent job there as well. It also does a superb job of blasting dirt off the garden tools as well as those hard to clean tires on cars and trucks.

Some buyers have acquired the Greenworks pressure washer to use in their businesses – often deploying the device for several hours every day – day after day. While that’s not what this unit is specifically designed for, it can do the job for a period if time. For example, this would make an excellent mobile pressure washer for a small mobile car detailing business, or dog kennel operation. But you probably won’t get the years of service out of this thing that you can expect when using it only around your home and yard.

How It Works

Take the time to familiarize yourself with your new Greenworks pressure washer. In order to get soap coming out of the device, you need to attach the soap nozzle. That’s the only way it will work.  Any other nozzle will simply give you water. Oh and… just to be clear – this pressure washer is designed to be used with cold water only.

It’s nice that the electric motor only engages when the trigger is pulled. Once released, it shuts back off again instantly. Not having the motor powering up continuously means it’s less noisy in use, which is good for you – and your neighbors.

One feature we love is the quick connect nozzle tip function. Multiple nozzles are readily accessible with the built-in storage below the trigger. Additional accessories are also easy to use, making this a useful and practical tool to have in your arsenal. Greenworks may be a lesser-known brand. But overall, the consistent performance you get from this compact and well-built pressure washer is quite good.


  • Well-made pressure washer
  • Easy to set up and begin operating quickly
  • Nozzle tips are easy to switch out – handy storage is convenient too
    -Water pressure is excellent and does a great job cleaning decks, sidewalks and siding
  • Convenient hose storage (spinning reel is helpful and a nice added touch)
  • Since it’s electric, you can run it for long periods of time without worrying about depleting your fuel supply
  • Electric power cable is nice and long (for most uses you won’t need an extension cord)
  • It’s nice that you don’t necessarily have to use soap or harsh chemicals
  • It’s lightweight and not difficult to move around
  • Power supplied is more than enough for any job around the homestead
  • Built-in wheels make it easy to move around any area of your property
  • It’s fun to clean anything with the Greenworks pressure washer
  • Everything fits together nicely with a good strong seal and no drips
  • Power cord has a built-in reset on it (very handy)


  • Supplied hose is not the best as it can develop kinks ( a 50 foot hose would be better too)
  • It’s made for home use rather than the rigors of daily use in a business
  • Doesn’t have a ton of power (if you’re used to using a gas powered pressure washer)
  • Customer service is questionable
  • Built-in cleats to hold the power cord are not quite long enough (great idea – just not properly executed)
  • Hose connection at the bottom of the unit can be difficult to access

The Verdict

If you like to keep your home and the things around it sparkly clean, the Greenworks pressure washer can make an excellent addition to your home shop or garage. It works well on automobiles of all kinds – as well as siding, patios, pool areas and driveways. This one tool can help keep your entire property looking terrific. All things considered – it’s a solid buy.

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