Affordable Miter Saw Stand Makes Crosscutting Easier

Miter saws are fantastic tools and everyone who does any work at all around the home should own one. That’s because miter saws simply make life easier. But they’re even better when you also have a solid miter saw stand to firmly support the tool as well as your work pieces.

Taking it one step further, what would make a regular, everyday miter saw stand even more appealing? It’s adding wheels to make it a rolling support structure. Add a few onboard electrical outlets added for convenience and you’ve got all you could ask for in a miter saw table.

An All-In-One Miter Saw Stand

When the WEN MSA330 collapsible rolling miter saw stand was introduced, it quickly became a favorite for do-it-yourselfers and garage woodworkers, thanks to its nearly universal design. Yes, it will fit most miter saws on the market – including Dewalt, Delta, Milwaukee, Craftsman, Ryobi, and (naturally) All WEN miter saws.

Most previous buyers are thrilled with their purchase and collectively, they rate the WEN MSA330 rolling miter saw stand a solid 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. This is from over 1100 actual customers reporting. That’s a significant number and a favorable rating that is typically a strong indicator a worthwhile and reliable tool.

Makes Your Miter Saw More Practical and Valuable

A good miter saw is a handy tool to own. But often when you need to crosscut a board, you’ve got to haul it out and set it up. If you’re lucky enough to have a large shop with plenty of space and a designated area for your chop saw – it’s not a problem for you. But for many of us, the biggest problem with miter saws is they’re not all that portable due to their size, awkward shape, as well as their excessive weight. And the older we get, the heavier those miter saws seem to feel.

But pair any miter saw with a compatible stand or support table/bench and you’ve make that miter saw a much more useful and accessible tool in any garage shop, or on location around the house, shed, or barn.

Comfort and Convenience

WEN designed their miter saw stand to provide a comfortable working height for any kind of cross cutting that can be done on a miter saw. One nice feature this manufacturer incorporated in the design is the dual extension support arms. Other miter saw stands only have a single support. But this one is spread out about 6 inches apart providing a much more stable support for your work piece.

They’ve deployed a 11/2 inch diameter steel frame for stability, plus those support arms extend anywhere from 30 to the 79 inches so you can stabilize a board as long as 10 1/2 feet. In addition, one end is height adjustable so you can firmly plant this stand on uneven terrain.

Although not absolutely necessary, the three additional outlets provide extra convenience. The WEN miter saw stand comes complete with a powder coat finish that should last for years. This helps protect it from marring and rusting. WEN backs up their product with a two-year warranty.

Knock it Down and Set It Up With Ease

When you finish the job, you can knock the miter saw stand down and roll it on wheels out-of-the-way. When it’s ready to be used again, simply open up the legs, kick them out a little to make sure they are firmly planted. Then add your miter saw to the top and lock it in place with the quick release brackets and you’re all set to go.

Will It Fit Your Saw?

WEN’s miter saw stand is designed to accommodate a weight of up to 330 pounds, so from the sheer weight capacity it should easily hold any brand name chop saw. This is something you often see discussed in various miter saw stand reviews.

Some buyers have claimed that their large miter saws (typically the 12 inch variety) haven’t worked the best on this saw stand, while others use their 12 inch saws – even sliding arm saws – without any difficulty. What I do know for sure is that virtually any 10 inch miter saw would be perfect for this miter saw stand. Most (if not all) 12 inch saws would work too, but you may need to add a little modification to accommodate.

One way to know for sure that your saw will fit the WEN collapsible miter saw stand (as it is) is to measure the distance between the back and front mounting holes. If this distance is less than 15 inches, the stand will easily fit.

Added Versatility

It also comes with detachable rollers to match any material. These rollers can also work as stops so that you can make consistent cuts every time. That’s something that’s very handy when cutting boards for fences or deck railings – among other things.

Outlets provided are 120 V and 1800 W. There are three of these. Those outlets can really come in handy when you use your stand as a temporary workbench in combination with other tools like a drill, sander, or router.

Just The Right Height

The legs of the WEN chop saw support stand measure 29 inches. But it’s about 34 inches to the top of the mounts. So with your saw on top of the stand, it should measure about 36 or 37 inches to your work surface. As a point of reference, look at your kitchen countertop. Most are installed at the 36 inch standard height.

Portability is an Advantage

Although it’s a portable saw stand with wheels; you need to be smart about moving it about. This means that you need to take into account the terrain you’ll be traversing. If you’re moving it around on a poured concrete shop floor – you won’t have any problem at all. But if you need to log your loaded saw stand across a bumpy piece of property – you could run into challenges due to the weight of the saw on top and the somewhat narrow wheelbase.

Use it Inside Or Outside

It’s ideal for the do-it-yourselfer at home – anyone who does occasional renovations around the house. But it can also be useful for contractors like those who build fences and decks. And it’s perfect for most garage woodworkers too. But if you’re a licensed contractor or handyman and you plan on rolling this around all day long – day after day – in numerous locations on varying surfaces – this may not be the best miter saw stand for you.

If you plan on using it inside and you need to fit the stand through various door openings, consider the width with your saw when it’s mounted. Some openings may not be wide enough with the saw installed. So you may have to remove it to get it through the door.

Once setup, the WEN miter saw stand is very sturdy and it gives you a feeling of stability. Depending on your saw and your intended use of the saw stand – you may need to – or want to – add a mounting board and then bolt your chop saw down onto it. The need for creating a tabletop for the stand really depends on the type of saw and the configuration. While this may be more of a miter saw table – that flat top can be used many ways and serve multiple purposes, including acting as a temporary workbench for other tasks.

Just grab a large piece of three-quarter inch plywood or MDF board and mount it to the support arms. This gives you a mobile workspace, which adds to the versatility of your miter saw stand.


  • Wheels provided are made of a semi hard rubber compound that will never go flat
  • Smart overall design concept
  • Affordable (best bang for your buck in the budget priced miter saw stand category)
  • You can locate the saw anywhere on the main support tubes and with the extension you can gain material support more than 6 feet from the blade
  • Reasonably light and maneuverable – yet sturdy
  • Can be used for more than just miter saws
  • Leveling foot is an awesome addition
  • Plenty of adjustments to customize the user experience (there are many ways to take this to the next level)
  • Portable and once set up – it’s a good and stable saw stand
  • Easy to lock and unlock the legs for transport and storage
  • Onboard outlets are a nice added bonus
  • Worthwhile accessory when you don’t have a lot of room
  • Quick and easy to set up with minimal assembly (all necessary instructions and hardware are included)
  • Foldout stock supports are helpful


  • With the saw installed, the entire stand can become quite heavy
  • Rod supporting the wheels is on the weak side
  • Wheelbase is not wide so you have to be careful when rolling
  • Mounting bracket doesn’t fit every saw on the market
  • Mounting hardware could be better (clamps are on the flimsy side)
  • Working with long stock pieces requires additional support

The Verdict

The WEN rolling miter saw stand is a value-laden accessory you will want to add to your home shop. You’ll find that your miter saw and stand becomes your go-to tool much more often. It’s also economical – so you won’t break the bank when you buy. It’s a versatile tool that makes cutting on your miter saw easier and more comfortable. It’s also a perfect miter saw stand for someone who does flooring or trim work. It’s sturdy and is easy to put together. Built in wheels are helpful whenever you need to relocate your setup. It also ships with protectors under the feet to help avoid scratches on floors.

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